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Mini Melts offers a new and profitable way of making money at your event.

Looking for a new way to raise money for your organisation? With its unique appearance and premium taste, Mini Melts always draws a crowd! A local Mini Melts team member will drop off and take back unsold product & freezer, making it convenient and not labour intensive. We’d love to chat with you about your fundraising efforts. Remember, everybody loves ice cream!

Message from Australian fund raising

Just a quick note to thank you for your help, the fete was a great day. Mini Melts, as I half suspected it would be, was a huge hit. I sold out by 12:30pm and probably could have sold the same amount after lunch. Thank you again for your help.

Natasha Glen Forrest Primary School, WA

We used Mini Melts at our fete, Saturday Sept 10th and sold 450 cups, at $4.00 each and retained half the takings. A much better option than having an outside company selling their product and giving a percentage of their takings. I would recommend Mini Melts for anyone convene a school Fete or Fair. They were most helpful, courteous and were happy to take back unsold icecreams, but there were none.


Mini Melts are brilliant. The kids love them and all the flavours sold really well. It was an easy fundraiser for the school because it’s not labour intesive. The guys drop off the freezer and pick it up again, all we had to do was get someone to serve and collect money!

Mela School Mum, Portside Christian College